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•The Journey (NEW)

A cumulative tale about a sea voyage.

(PB; 625 wds.)

•The Missing End (NEW)

When Maggie reads The Story of Ferdinand to Raven, she turns the page and the end is missing. What happened to Ferdinand? She embarks on a frantic quest to find out.

(PB; 350 wds.)

• The Mouse in the Galley Vent

A little mouse is found nesting aboard a Baltic Trader, and father wants to take it ashore. How will it survive the Swedish winter?

(Nonfiction PB; 350 wds.)

• Lost in The Fog

Three sailors land on a strange island and must learn Pig Latin before they can sail home.

(PB; 700 wds.)

• Between Wind and Water

A woodpecker embarks on his first migration and is swept out to sea.

(Picture storybook; 1100 wds.)

• Snow Babies

Snow Babies bide their time as the seasons turn beneath them.

(PB; 250 wds.)

• Ode to Water

A eulogy to encourage water conservation.

(PB; 545 wds.)

• Huntsmen Are Coming!

When animals warn that huntsmen are coming, it is the barren of mules who save the day.

(PB; 245 wds.)

• Willy Nilly and The Sleeper-Trickster

Ever wonder what happens to the teeth you put under the pillow? A sleeper-trickster follows the tooth fairy and discovers a secret that changes his life.

(Picture storybook; 1600 wds.)

• The Night Lorena's Bed Collapsed

The editor of a Japanese magazine loved this "moving" story about a little girl and an orphan calf, but dropped the project when the publisher made cutbacks. The good news: It's up for grabs again!

(Folktale; 1700 wds.)

• Chickens Love Onions

How is a bear like a frog? Or a bird like a crayfish? To find out, read this fun, interactive PB for ages 4-8.

(Nonfiction PB; 755 wds.)

• Gudrun's Oar

When the witch's cat grows too fat to fly on her oar, he is put on a diet with drastic consequences.

(Chapter Book; 6260 wds.)

• Bosun's Diet

When the witch's cat vanishes after his diet goes drastically wrong, he awakens in outer space and must find his way back.

(Chapter book; 3250 wds.)

• Home Is Where I Am

Nadine lives on a boat and her pen pal lives in a house, but their similarities become evident on a visit to the Caribbean.

(Nonfiction PB; 800 wds.)

• Lost in The Fog

Four lost sailors are forced to learn Pig Latin before they are allowed to leave an island.

(Picture storybook; 1350 wds.)

• Knock! Knock! Rat-a-tat-tat!

A stray cat dons multiple disguises to get into a house. (My aunt, a talented artist, has illustrated this.)

(PB; 165 wds.)

• The Chihuahua and the Red Sombrero

A little girl helps her new neighbor find her lost Chihuahua. Editor Aimee Jackson "had a hard time deciding about this one" before declining; the good news: It's up for grabs again!

(Multicultural; 1140 wds.)

• Water, Water, Everywhere

A frog travels the world in search of the perfect body of water to call home.

(Chapter book; 5220 wds.)



• Lost at Sea (SOLD)

A story about bird migration gone awry, which tells of an encounter between two yellow-shafted flickers and a sailboat caught in a North Atlantic gale.

(Narrative essay;
750 wds. & 950 wds. versions)

• Medieval Pizazz

Many Swedes who follow the Medieval-cum-Viking summer circuit claim that Söderköping's festival is more genuine and intimate than that of Gotland.

(Travel essay; 1075 wds)

• Chronic Conservation

Life on a sailboat teaches one the value of water and electricity.

(Essay; 500 wds.)

• Waiting for Skare

Winter hunkered down in a 'stuga' in southern Sweden is a time for reflecting on nature.

(Travel essay; 1300 wds.)

• Nectar of the Bluebottle Fly

Surströmming, a Swedish herring specialty that smells like dog poop, boasts its own museum and a small but devout following. Knowing this, I had to try it!

(Food essay; 1850 wds.)

• Truly Swedish

Hard-core travelers discover surströmming and try something only the staunchest of natives indulge in: a sauna followed by a dip in the frozen lake.

(Travel essay; 1125 wds.)

• The Woman From Galesville

When a stranger accosts to ask for money, how can you tell if the tale of woe is genuine? If it's a lie but the need is real, should she be condemned or helped?

(Narrative essay; 1850 wds.)

• Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Smith Island is one of only two inhabited true islands on the Chesapeake Bay. Though shrinking in population and landmass, the Smith Island Layer Cake is set to survive as a plastic replica in the local museum.

(Travel and food essay; 1300 wds.)


In progress



• As yet untitled (NEW)

Working on a mushroom story-guide.


• Kingdom of Eggs

When 11 year old Sasha finds an egg and secretly incubates it in her closet, little does she know that it comes from an extinct era. Will the world be better or worse off once the egg hatches?


• Ideas

Storystorm participant



• When Healthy Eating Turns Deadly

When a 'health-food' diet turns into an addiction that forbids most foods, it becomes an eating disorder called Orthorexia and can kill.

(Narrative essay)

• The Undertaker in Gusum

A snowy trip to a memorable funeral in Sweden.

(Travel essay)



• Ideas

Folder containing countless manuscripts in various stages of completion, for both adults and children.




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