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February family visit to Gusum, Sweden


Swedish mailboxes on a country road near Gusum


La Marmaille in Armentieres, France, where my mother grew up with 6 brothers


Normandy, France


Driving through Europe (I pose at the border between Sweden and Norway for my dad in Florida)


Gustav Vigeland sculpture in Folger Park, Oslo, Norway


Visiting my goddaughter and her family near Grasse, France


Shoveling our driveway in Sweden


Villefranche Bay and Cap Ferrat, France


Whiteout in Sweden: Driving on a typical winter day


Frozen-in boats in Valdemarsvik, Sweden, in February


Visiting friends on their barge in the French canals


Touring Smith Island on the Chesapeake Bay with Firefly's folding bikes


With a stone tiki in the Marquesa Islands, French Polynesia


Exploring Marie Galante in the West Indies by motorbike


Caesar getting some help with his thesis

Caesar getting some help with his thesis in Florida


Historic boathouse in Camden, Maine, USA


Hiking in Maine, USA


Our view in Annapolis, Maryland, USA


Pigout in Maine


Moorea, French Polynesia


Lava flow in Hawaii


Outside Malibu restaurant, California


Lickytoes gazes out from my brother's house in Hollywood, California (photo by my brother)


Sled ride with Lukaz in Sweden
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Global cooling
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