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Leo and I tack our boat Firefly in Gorda Sound, Virgin Islands


Regatta in the Azores: All girl crew on my first boat, Toad


Azores regatta: Every captain gets 2 cases of wine and a whalebone fid just for participating


Painting Toad's bottom: Drying out on the tide in the Bahamas


Toad's saloon.


Firefly in the Swedish archipelago: Leo hammers in spikes to secure Firefly


Hurricane flooded driveway at the marina in Annapolis, Maryland, USA


Stray cat returning to his wood pile after visiting aboard Firefly ('Buster' now has a nice land home)


Firefly sailing on the shallow banks of the Bahamas


Helping Leo recaulk Firefly's decks


Christmas Eve aboard Firefly


Firefly on Christmas day in the Virgin Islands


Dinghy and umbrella

Webmaster keeping cool in the Bahamas


Leo and Poupette in Sweden

Leo & Poupette on Firefly in South Carolina, USA


Firefly in foggy Maine, USA


Firefly drying-out against the town dock in Southwest Harbor, Maine, USA


In Shelburne, Nova Scotia


Firefly in Campobello, Canada


Steering M/Y Rampager through the Panama Canal


On S/Y Gunilla in Newport Beach, California


On Gunilla in Raiatea, French Polynesia


View from Gunilla's masthead while sailing through French Polynesia


Rampager in Islas Benitos, Baja California, Mexico


Firefly on the Casamance River in Senegal, West Africa: Friends get a lift to a wedding downriver


Video of Bell, Gong, Whistle and Klingons in Maine
(link to YouTube opens in new window)


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