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Family & Friends


With my brother Martin and our Easter basket on Cape Cod, USA


Martin and Poupette in Canada


Poupette & Martin in Formentor

Poupette and Martin in Mallorca, Spain


At our grandmother's (I hated dressing up)


With my mother, Mita


With my father, Grove


With my brother, Martin


Leo, Poupette and Martin on Firefly in Nice, France


Leo steering boat

Leo on Firefly in Nova Scotia


With Martin at a family wedding in Vermont


With blissful uncle Jacques and cousin Murielle, near Armentieres


Posing by our namesake with sister-in-law Valerie at London airport


With Michele and Marc in Antibes, France


Sven with swine in Dartmouth, UK

Sven with swine in Dartmouth, UK (pig fell sound asleep as soon as tickled)


My stepsister's daughter, Ceci, not sure about having her hair cut by Leo


With El Gitano's crew in Venezuela

With El Gitano's crew in Venezuela ('mouse over' for names)


Sven Poupette Peter Michael Zoe Niels Valerie

Birthday treat in Maine

Birthday treat in Maine with friends Liz and Tony


With step-sister Bobbie and her daughter Blake in Massachusetts


Riding along the Göta Kanal (Sweden) with Loana


Who's most comfortable?



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